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Killer dentist Howell’s estranged wife may face police probe

By Heather McGarrigle

Killer dentist Colin Howell’s claims that his second wife Kyle knew about his crimes may be under investigation.

Howell was sentenced on Friday to serve a minimum of 21 years for murdering his wife and the husband of his mistress in Castlerock 19 years ago.

He recently claimed to have confessed about the murders 10 years ago to second wife, Kyle Jorgensen.

His lawyer, Richard Weir QC, told Belfast Crown Court that Howell had discussed the killings with Jorgensen in the late 1990s.

A PSNI spokesman did not name Jorgensen but confirmed that a file had been passed to the Prosecution Service.

He said: “A file on a 44-year-old woman has been passed to the Public Prosecution Service and we are awaiting direction.”

A Sunday newspaper cited sources as saying the file had been with the PPS “for some time”.

The Sunday Life said a source claimed the file was based on a detailed statement given to police by Colin Howell.

The newspaper spoke to Jorgensen last month, who told them she would be delighted to hear her husband confess to the crimes.

Kyle became step-mother to Lesley and Colin’s four children when she married the dentist in 1997 and the couple had four children of their own together.

Since her husband’s arrest, Ms Jorgensen has taken her children back to Florida and has filed for divorce.

Details of the murder were revealed for the first time at a pre-sentence hearing on Tuesday.

Having discovered her husband’s affair, Lesley Howell took an overdose. The court was told that “he realised that if she died things might be better for him and the concept of murder was planted in his head.”

He said he had “an emotional longing” to be with his mistress, Hazel Buchanan, now re-married and known as Hazel Stewart.

He used temazepam to drug both his victims and a hose attached to a car exhaust to kill, first Lesley and later, Trevor Buchanan, with carbon monoxide as they slept in their homes.

Howell staged a double suicide by placing them in a car and attaching a vacuum to the exhaust with the ignition running.

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