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Killer dentist 'seduced by lover'

Killer dentist Colin Howell was trapped in a spider's web woven by his lover Hazel Stewart which would eventually lead to them murdering his wife and her husband, he told his former mistress's trial.

The disgraced one-time Christian preacher denied he had controlled Stewart, even though he drugged her prior to sex, and insisted she had seduced him at the outset of their torrid affair.

"Flies go into spiders' webs because they think there is some food for them there and I willingly went after the bait and we got caught together in the trap," he said during a dramatic second day in the witness box.

Assured and measured throughout, Howell delivered a series of elaborate and detailed answers under cross examination which held a packed Coleraine Crown Court captivated.

The 51-year-old father-of-11 has already confessed to poisoning his wife Lesley and Stewart's policeman husband Trevor Buchanan in May 1991 and staging it to look like a suicide pact.

Having broke down a number of times when giving evidence as a Crown witness on Monday, on Tuesday he was composed and confident throughout, his voice never wavering as he described in sometime flamboyant terms her role in the plot to kill their partners.

"Hazel and I were waltzing together, in time," he claimed.

"All the side-stepping was done together. I was not dragging her around the floor. I may have been the lead partner in that dance, but she was doing it in perfect harmony and willingly."

Double murder accused Stewart, 47, from Ballystrone Road, Coleraine, denies she was part of a joint enterprise with Howell to kill their spouses.


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