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Killer fails to overturn conviction

A man jailed for the murder of a second-hand car dealer has failed in a bid to overturn his conviction.

The Court of Appeal ruled that Keoghan McGuigan (41) was safely found guilty of bludgeoning Patrick Keenan to death in June 2004.

Mr Keenan's battered body was discovered in a bedroom at his home in Carrive Drive, Newry, Co Down. The father-of-five's Mercedes 190 car was stolen during the fatal attack, and registration books for a number of vehicles were found scattered on the floor.

McGuigan, also from Carrive Drive, was convicted of murder at Belfast Crown Court in 2007 after the jury accepted the prosecution case that he had gone to Mr Keenan's home, killed him and drove off in the Mercedes.

McGuigan had given an account of his movements on the night of the killing which police refused to accept. A statement he gave on June 27, 2004 — a day after Mr Keenan's body was found — about his movements was significantly different to his later account at trial. Detectives connected him to the murder scene by forensically indistinguishable fibres and a muddy boot-print on the front door of Mr Keenan's house.

In a ruling delivered on Friday, Lord Justice Higgins refused McGuigan's application to adduce fresh evidence about him.

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