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Killers kicked our son to death ... but we forgive them

By John Mulgrew

The parents of a homeless man who was kicked to death have said they forgive his killers.

Their son, Polish man Marek Mateusz Muszynski (40), was murdered in Newry three years ago.

Killer Lindsay White (23) was sentenced to 14 years in prison for her part in the unprovoked attack in 2009. Her accomplice Adrian Cunningham (20), who pleaded guilty, received a minimum of 11 years behind bars.

In a Sunday Life article the dead man’s parents, Janusz and Mary Muszynski, said they had forgiven the two killers responsible for their son’s horrific murder.

“We forgive the perpetrators,” the couple added. “Not everyone can understand this, but it is our will.

“We could not live with hatred and revenge. It would kill us.”

The family said they were now glad that justice had been served but said they would never get over the pain of losing their son Marek.

The 40-year-old immigrant had been invited to Newry with the promise of a job, arriving in July 2007. But after work failed to materialise, Marek, who had battled with alcoholism, fell on hard times and found himself sleeping on the streets.

Last week, presiding judge David McFarland said White had shown “little remorse and a limited amount of regret” for his murder.

“It was a horrific attack on a drunk and largely defenceless man,” he added.

White, who is pregnant, will now likely give birth to her child in Hydebank women’s prison in September.

Her defence barrister Turlough Montague QC refuted prosecution claims she had deliberately fallen pregnant to get leniency.

Judge McFarland said that pregnancy within the prison regime would be “difficult for her and there remains uncertainty about whether she will be allowed to keep the child after it is born”.

Last week the PSNI released new CCTV footage showing the pair strolling to a nearby Chinese takeaway just 15 minutes after the attack.

Both appeared relaxed and can be seen casually walking to buy more alcohol and a takeaway before going back to White’s flat.


Lindsay White, who believed she was pregnant at the time, threw the first punch at Marek Mateusz Muszynski, crushed the homeless alcoholic's throat with her foot and then lifted his battered and broken body while her accomplice pulled down his trousers to distort the crime scene.

The court heard how White had flitted backwards and forwards between Ireland and England as a child, and when she returned to Newry as a 20-year-old in February 2009 drifted into a peer group who spent their time abusing alcohol and drugs.

It is believed she witnessed a former fiancé, whom she described as “the love of her life”, beaten and stabbed to death in England.

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