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'Killing is wrong, violence never pays', says widower

A man whose wife was killed in the 1993 IRA Shankill bomb has said there is no difference between the actions of Isis and those of the IRA.

Alan McBride's wife Sharon was killed in the Saturday afternoon bombing of Frizzell's fish shop alongside nine others, including bomber Thomas Begley.

"We can be thankful the likes of the IRA and others did not descend to the level of depravity we have seen from Isis - but there is no difference," said Alan.

"The IRA put bombs on buses, forced people to move bombs and in my wife's case they put a bomb on shop counter of a fish shop. They were pure acts of terrorism not unlike those of Isis.

"Using humans and killing humans is just wrong, no matter who you are, including the state. If there were to be a distinction, it would be that at least there was a stage where the IRA and loyalists sat down and negotiated and most signed up to an agreement on peaceful means.

"Could the same be said for Isis or are they beyond the pale?"

He continued: "Violence never pays - it's all semantics at the end of the day.

"Although I don't know how helpful it is to be dragging up these types of comparisons.

"We are in a better times and many of those who had engaged in terrorism have made great strides to bring about peace, although that's not to say they should be given a slap on the back."

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