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King Edward was Lough Neagh Coney Island guest

King Eward VII once stayed on Coney Island on Lough Neagh, an MLA has revealed.

The UUP’s Samuel Gardiner revealed the royal anecdote was just one example of the rich heritage and tourist-attracting highlights of the lough island, near Maghery.

“It recently emerged that King Edward VII stayed on the island for amonth with Lillie Langry in a lodge built by the seventh Lord Charlemont in 1895. That lodge is still here and lived in by the current warden on the island.

“This is only one episode of an amazingly colourful history with links to St Patrick, the Bronze Age, the Norman tower and the Gaelic chieftain Shane O’Neill. It was the O’Neills’ treasure house and prisonsers were held there during the 1798 rebellion,” Mr Gardiner said in the Assembly during a debate on the ownership on Lough Neagh.

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