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Kingsmill families getting 'false' story from Republic

By Michael McHugh

The Kingsmill families are being played a record of false assurances by authorities in the Irish Republic, their barrister has claimed.

Foreign affairs minister Simon Coveney has said all material on the killings had been handed over.

Alan Kane QC likened the Republic’s statements to: “A long-playing record that it would appear is constantly played for the benefit of the relations of the people who were murdered. The families certainly are of the view that this long-playing record of false assurances is being played because to date no product really has been forthcoming.”

Mr Coveney said it was his understanding that the Dublin government had handed over all the documents in connection with the case to the coroner’s office.

He was keen to assure families “no games were being played”.

Coroner Brian Sherrard’s representatives are due to meet the Garda and Irish legal authorities later this month as lawyers plan resumed hearings in November.

The coroner has promised he will not close the inquest without receiving answers.

“Matters are moving forward and I am satisfied, on the basis of what I have heard, that progress is being made,” he said.

“The one outstanding issue for me is with regard to making sure that the material that emanates from the Republic of Ireland is properly made available to the court and it seems to me that some progress is being made with regard to that.”

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