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Kitten thrown from van finds loving home after woman's heroic efforts

Praise: Lynda Hill with Ivor
Praise: Lynda Hill with Ivor
Donna Deeney

By Donna Deeney

A tiny kitten - one of two cruelly thrown from a moving van travelling along an Omagh road - is now on his way to a loving home, thanks to the incredible efforts of a woman who saved the feline's life.

The woman, who does not wish to be identified, stopped her car immediately on the Cookstown Road last Tuesday to rescue the male kitten - now named Ivor the Survivor - once she realised it wasn't litter that had been discarded from the van.

Sadly, it was already too late to save the first kitten, which died when it struck her car.

The woman went in search of the remaining kitten, but she couldn't find it anywhere.

The woman eventually managed to find the terrified kitten - believed to be around six weeks old - two days later, with the help of local residents and Lynda Hill, from Animal Support Trust.

A week of tender care and lots of love has seen Ivor the Survivor transform from the petrified kitten to a fun-loving feline ready for his forever home.

Ms Hill said yesterday the compassion shown by the woman was in stark contrast to the callous actions of whoever threw the two kittens from the van.

"The lady who witnessed this disgusting act is still very traumatised by what this person did, but if it wasn't for her, both kittens would have undoubtedly perished," she said.

She continued: "We are delighted he has found his forever home with a relative of the lady who undoubted saved his life."

Ms Hill stressed that she hopes the person who threw the kittens out of the van is caught.

"So many people allow their cats to have litter after litter and sadly too many kittens end up drowned or discarded in the middle of nowhere," she said

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