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Kitten travels from Galway to Belfast in car engine

By Rebecca Black

Meet the unusual stowaway who miraculously managed to survive four hours in a car engine bay travelling from Galway to Northern Ireland.

Co Down man Andrew Bell (22) said he wasn't even aware of the kitten until he arrived home on Monday morning and heard purring coming from his car.

He opened up the bonnet and it was curled up beside the car battery, completely unscathed.

Andrew had been visiting his girlfriend Rebecca in Galway.

The kitten, who he has named Lucky, had recently appeared at his girlfriend's house and had been mixing with her cat who recently had a litter of kittens.

It hid in his engine once before on a shorter trip.

"I opened the bonnet up and there it was," he told the Belfast Telegraph.

"I was amazed by that, but thought I don't want it coming back to Belfast so I better try to keep it inside."

However, little Lucky had other ideas.

"On Monday morning I was driving back up to Belfast, stopped off in Dublin for fuel, and it didn't jump out there.

"Then when I got up to the house I started hearing it purring outside the car.

"I opened the bonnet and there it was sleeping behind the battery," Andrew said.

"We have called it Lucky. I thought it was appropriate."

Andrew added that his girlfriend is currently making inquiries around her neighbours, and he is trying to make up his mind over where the kitten will stay.

"At the minute, I am not sure if I am taking it back down to Galway or not yet. But it is being well looked after by a friend at the minute who has cats."

Heather Oliver, manager of Assisi Animal Sanctuary in Conlig, told the Belfast Telegraph that sometimes kittens are known to climb into car engines if they get scared.

She said: "We've had two or three this year. At times, kittens get scared and climb up into the engine to safety. If they're lucky they'll get a space on the wing under the bonnet and sit tight."

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