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Kittens dumped in Christmas plastic bag find three new homes

She and siblings cheated death by whisker, now all have new homes

By Rebecca Black

ALL they wanted for Christmas was a chance at life, but instead these three kittens were tied up in a plastic bag in west Belfast and left to die.

Miraculously, little Carol, Holly and Noel, then just five weeks old, were found trapped inside the Christmas bag by an elderly couple.

They were brought to Assisi Animal Sanctuary in Co Down where centre manager Heather Weatherup said staff did not believe the kittens were strays because they were so young and didn't appear to be scared.

The kittens were cared for by a foster family until they were nine weeks old, then brought back to the sanctuary for rehoming on Monday.

Now the Belfast Telegraph can reveal they have all found new homes just days after being made available for adoption.

Comber woman Ann Hume heard about the kittens' plight after reading an article in this newspaper in December.

She was so keen to rehome one that she visited Assisi the next day. Even having to wait until the kittens were old enough to be adopted did not put her off.

Yesterday her patience paid off and she brought home little Carol, just a few hours after Noel and Holly were adopted by another family.

"We read about them in the Belfast Telegraph at Christmas and their story really touched our hearts," she said.

"We came over to Assisi the very next day to see them but they were not ready to be rehomed.

"We had a cat for 22 years, but unfortunately it had to be put down last year."

Mrs Hume said her and her husband have their house all ready for the new arrival, with a new bed in place.

"She'll be spoiled rotten," she smiled.

Ms Weatherup said she was delighted to have such a happy ending to the story of the Christmas kittens.

"They have got lovely homes with really lovely people and we are delighted," she said.

"I wasn't surprised they were snapped up so quickly."

However, while these kittens have had a happy ending, other kittens have arrived at the sanctuary this week after being rejected as Christmas presents.

"Usually it would be puppies and dogs that people get for Christmas and then change their minds, but this year it seems to have been kittens," she said.

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