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Knife man robbed me in bedroom: Belfast student's burglary horror

Cadogan Street in the Holyland area of Belfast
Cadogan Street in the Holyland area of Belfast
Brett Campbell

By Brett Campbell

A young woman has warned residents in south Belfast to lock their doors "at all times" after she was held captive alongside her terrified friend by a knife wielding burglar.

Queen's University student Katie McEvoy used social media to appeal to her neighbours to be vigilant, after being robbed as she was getting prepared for a night out.

The incident happened inside a property on Cadogan Street in the Holyland area at around 10.15pm on Tuesday.

"Myself and Caitlin were in her bedroom getting ready to go out," she wrote on Facebook.

"The bedroom door opened and a man walked in and we were robbed at knifepoint in her top floor bedroom."

The traumatised woman, who is in her 20s, described the intruder who pointed two knives at her and her pal as being around 25 years old.

"He had a scarf round his mouth and a hat on, only his eyes were visible," she added.

"He stood and looked at both of us and made us give him any valuables we had on us.

"He demanded all of our money, he stole both our iPhone 7s and made us reset both of the phones so they couldn't be tracked."

Ms McEvoy said that the robber also plundered another girl's room before making off on foot with her jewellery.

She said that the main purpose of her online post "is to literally warn anyone living in the Holyland to lock both your front door and bedroom door at all times" and to avoid being in a house on their own.

"Such a dangerous place," she continued.

"This situation could have been a lot worse and hand on heart this was the scariest experience of my whole life and would hate anyone to have to go through this."

She added that she was "just so grateful we are both OK and nothing happened to us".

Another man and woman were threatened by the assailant who demanded money from them as he left the property and fled in the direction of the Ormeau Embankment.

He was wearing a dark tracksuit with a grey T-shirt underneath, a dark hat and spoke with a local accent.

Last night the PSNI launched a social media appeal for witnesses to help them track down the suspect, who they described as 5ft 6in tall and of medium build.

"It has been reported to police that two young females were in the upstairs bedroom of their property on Cadogan Street getting ready for a night out with friends," the Facebook post read.

"They heard someone enter the house - friends they were expecting?

"Other house mates?

"Neither of these unfortunately - they were confronted by a man armed with a knife, demanding all of their money.

"It has been reported that the suspect male detained the residents, issuing demands and instructions at knifepoint and eventually stealing cash and items from all four residents."

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