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Lady Sylvia holds on to North Down, but her vote is slashed as DUP poll strongly

Lady Sylvia Hermon
Lady Sylvia Hermon
Brett Campbell

By Brett Campbell

Lady Sylvia Hermon held on to North Down but the DUP's Alex Easton polled strongly coming in second place.

The former Ulster Unionist has represented the constituency for the last 16 years and took almost half of all votes cast in the 2015 General Election.

This time around her majority was slashed from 9,000-plus to just over 1,200, the DUP candidate pushing her all the way, continuing the strong showing he put on in the Assembly Elections earlier in the year.

"Alex Easton has worked very hard on the ground and I as an independent have a very small but effective canvassing team, but my work takes me across the water while he is on the ground at home," she said.

"That's just the difference between being an MLA and an MP, I would be absolutely amazed if he didn't do well." Lady Hermon (above) left the UUP prior to the 2010 Election to run as an independent, and the widow of former RUC Chief Constable John Hermon repeated her claim that she would not be supporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Asked if she would reconsider if Theresa May failed to gain a majority, she said: "Absolutely not. I could not support Jeremy Corbyn full stop. His own MPs have no confidence in him and he is ambivalent about condemning IRA violence."

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