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Lambeg drummers give it some stick as they hope to set a new world record

By David Young

The banging of Lambeg drums filled the Tyrone air last night as over 106 drummers from all over Northern Ireland headed to Pomeroy for an attempt on two world records.

Organisers the Moree Community Association were trying for a record number of Lambeg drummers in the one place at the one time, as well as the most drums playing together at the same time. The world record challenge seemed to be a sure thing since few people across the world play the bone-shaking instrument, long associated with the Orange Order.

But the final decision lies in the hands of the judges of the Guinness Book of World Records.

After last night's huge gathering, the next step is for the organisers to submit documentation about the event to the Guinness panel for verification and a decision on whether the drummers made the cut.

But do not expect a quick result: according to organiser Keith Buchanan, the process can takes months.

The world record attempt in the sleepy village was funded by the Mid Ulster Council.

It is believed there are more than 1,000 Lambeg drums in Northern Ireland, but it is feared that many of them are just sitting in Orange halls gathering dust.

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