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Landlords warned as raid uncovers housing estate cannabis factory

Drugs squad officers have warned unsuspecting landlords about cannabis dealers setting up grow houses after the latest raid in a housing estate.

Plants worth an estimated £115,000 were taken from the house in the Deramore Heights area of Magherafelt on Thursday afternoon after tip-offs from locals.

Police said the home was a fire risk after electricity supplies were tampered with and it was full of fans and heaters and water supplies to cultivate the drugs.

Detective Inspector Trevor Stevenson said: " You have a great potential for destruction of property, serious injury, even death."

The raid was carried out by officers from the PSNI's Reactive and Organised Crime Branch and they praised the support from the local community which led to the factory being discovered and dismantled.

No arrests have been made. Detailed forensic analysis of the home and investigations are continuing.

Following the successful raid the PSNI warned landlords that drugs gangs can set up a can nabis factories in rooms, sheds and even the back of trailers or use an entire house for a farm.

The police also raised concerns about public safety and the risk of death with amateurish, crude and dangerous techniques used to source large amounts of electricity for hydroponics systems.

They asked people to be on the lookout for tell-tale signs of a grow house including blacked out w indows with possible condensation, p ungent or unusual smells from premises and u nusual activity.


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