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Lanterns light up the night sky in memory of tragic Sherry Campbell

By Victoria Leonard

Friends and family of tragic Groomsport choking victim Sherry Campbell gathered on a beach outside the young teaching assistant's home last night to mark what would have been her 30th birthday with a lantern release.

Her grieving mum Fionuala said that while her daughter, who died after choking last month, had a short life, Sherry had left a "great legacy in the form of the love of her friends and family, and the first aid courses set up in her name".

After the lantern release, those present returned to the Campbell family's home to share food which had been cooked and frozen by Sherry before her death.

"Sherry was a keen cook, and she froze Chinese food and curries, which we shared with her friends," Fionuala said.

"It is a great consolation that her friends have gathered around me at this time.

"It was a very poignant day."

Last night's event was the culmination of a week of events to celebrate Sherry's life.

Fionuala told the Belfast Telegraph that a memorial service held on Wednesday at Strangford College, where Sherry studied before returning to work there as a teaching assistant, had been "absolutely wonderful".

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