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'Large scale fight' on a late night train bound for Portadown

A late night train journey from Belfast to Portadown ended in chaos in the very early hours of Sunday morning after a large scale fight broke out.

Eight PSNI officers waited for the train on the platform at around midnight after receiving an emergency call about a "large scale fight" on the train.

The worst of it appeared to have calmed down before the train reached Portadown station.

However officers said they received extreme verbal abuse by one of the women who had been on the train.

"All free crews turned out, however thankfully it was all calmed down by the time the train arrived," a PSNI staff member posted on the PSNI Craigavon Facebook page.

"It may have looked to anyone on the train like a zombie apocalypse was imminent, however if it had still be ongoing, the eight of us would have been needed, no doubt.

"One male has had his details taken by Translink for prosecution under their legislation, leaving us to take abuse from a drunk female. Delightful."

One man who was on the train said the journey had been peaceful as he travelled to Lurgan following an evening out in Belfast, and speculated the fight must have taken place between the Lurgan and Portadown stations.

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