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Larkfield ‘quick fix’ slated

Sir Reg Empey has called on the Roads Service to help an area of east Belfast which has been badly affected in the aftermath of the snowfall.

The east Belfast MLA commented: “I visited Larkfield Gardens last week after I was contacted by a number of concerned residents.

“The recent icy weather had lead to the pavements in the street cracking and lifting. In some areas there is a gap of at least an inch and someone is going to be injured as a |result,” he said.

“I contacted Roads Service immediately, who assured me they would address the problem. I was then informed by a resident that a team had came out, but had only attempted to fix a small area of the |pavement,” he continued.

“This simply isn’t good enough — a patchwork job isn’t going to provide a solution here. I would call on Roads Service to give this matter their most urgent attention as if we see another spell of heavy snowfall the street will become even more hazardous. “

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