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Last wish of brave Finn Clancy (10) is to get more viewers for his videos

By Mark Bain

A terminally ill boy is hoping the people of Northern Ireland can make his dream come true by following his YouTube channel, which tells the story of his battle against a rare form of cancer.

Finn Clancy (10) is now in palliative care after being discharged by London's Great Ormond Street Hospital on Monday.

His father Oisin, who comes from Portadown, said: "Unfortunately there is not much more they can do for Finn's disease other than to make him comfortable. We are hoping to cram as much as possible into the next few weeks."

Finn was first diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma in September 2016, but because of the disease's rarity - it affects fewer than 60 children a year - he was referred to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. By this time Finn's cancer was at stage four.

After six months of intense chemotherapy and radiotherapy he was told his tumours were gone and he was in partial remission. Oisin said: "As soon as he got home Finn started his YouTube channel as it had been something he'd always wanted to do. He called it 'Finn the Phoenix: Fired Up' as he related to the Phoenix as it rose out of the ashes just as he had done with his disease at the time.

"We watched as he got his strength back and his hair, and within a few weeks Finn was back at school.

"He still had to receive a maintenance dose of chemotherapy but life was getting back to normal and Finn was very positive and loving his new YouTube hobby.

"Then, towards the end of last year, a routine scan revealed that the cancer had returned. We were devastated. Finn was readmitted to Great Ormond Street to begin another round of gruelling chemotherapy.

"A month or so later we discovered that the chemo wasn't working and his consultant told us there wasn't much they could do further to help Finn other than to keep him comfortable.

"However, we had a chat with him and came up with the idea of getting 1,000 subscribers for his channel and it helped to take his mind off things.

"On Monday morning he had 1,077 subscribers and he was so happy. Now he wants to push it to 2,000, then one million.

"He's so looking forward to getting home again. Finn has been an inspiration to us. His courage in dealing with suffering and pain has been amazing and we are so proud of him. If people could take five minutes and subscribe to his channel they should know that they will be making a little boy very happy.

"This has been a great medium for him to express himself.

"He also recently told me that he thinks that life is a dream and when you die, you just wake up."

Oisin added: "The support from people around Portadown and Co Armagh has been wonderful, but if we could get more followers for Finn from across Northern Ireland he would be thrilled."

Finn's videos can be seen at by searching for Finn the Phoenix

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