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Law firm's client jailed for threatening to trash Belfast offices

A law firm's former client was jailed today for going in and threatening to trash their offices.

Vincent Irvine said he was going to rip out all the computers and smash windows in the premises in Belfast.

In a separate drug-fuelled incident he tore the wing mirrors off a van parked outside a homeless organisation's base in the city.

Irvine, 29, of Divis Street, Belfast, was jailed for a total of three months for his offences.

He pleaded guilty to threatening to damage property and attempting criminal damage at the law firm on November 12.

Belfast Magistrates' Court was told he claimed to have become angry after going to his former solicitors' seeking money for rent.

Less than three months earlier he inflicted £200 worth of criminal damage on a Volkswagen Transporter van at the Welcome Organisation's premises on Townsend Street.

Defence lawyer Norman Shannon said Irvine had taken a quantity of blues pills before attacking the vehicle on August 24.

The defendant was also under the influence of drugs when he went to the law firm fearing he was about to be thrown out of his hostel over a £40 rent arrears.

"He said he has a personality disorder. He may well have as a result of the drugs," Mr Shannon said.

Irvine was jailed for three months for the criminal damage.

District Judge Fiona Bagnall imposed a concurrent two-month term for his offences at the solicitors offices.

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