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Leap year baby Edie surprised by Belfast tenor David Curry at birthday party


Edie Phillips and singer David Curry

Edie Phillips and singer David Curry

Edie Phillips and singer David Curry

It was the party of a lifetime for leap year baby Edie Phillips when popular Belfast tenor David Curry appeared out of the blue to sing 'Happy Birthday' at her birthday on Saturday.

Edie, who turned 72 on Saturday, was stunned when the Belfast singer - who has performed with the Ulster Orchestra, Ulster Opera and many more - appeared at the Glasshouse bistro in Carrickfergus bearing a birthday cake and a gift for her.

The retired University of Ulster worker had been Facebook friends with David for some time - but the two had never met in real life - until Saturday, when she got the surprise of her life.

Because Edie had been feeling poorly of late, classically-trained singer David - who has performed with the Ulster Orchestra and Opera Northern Ireland - had teamed up with Edie's family to spring a surprise that would make her day very special.

"It was the biggest, beautifullest surprise anybody could get," Edie told the Belfast Telegraph.

"Unknown to me, he had got in touch with my sister and the people who run the Glasshouse Bistro and asked if he could come down and sing for my birthday.

"Well, we went into the bistro, then I heard the voice! That's David Curry, I thought to myself, and my sister said 'look Edie, your famous friend is here'.

"Well, I went to pieces when I saw him," she laughed. "It was a birthday wish come true!"

David sang for an hour " and everybody in the restaurant joined in like backing singers", Edie said.

"David sings in a lot of fancy places, but yesterday he was just one of us. I said to him - you'll never know what this means to me."

Her voice cracking with emotion, Edie said " I told him - you've performed in front of hundreds of people, but the love you got from the people in the Glasshouse, you'll always remember. Everybody fell in love with him.

"It was a dream come true!"

Big-hearted singer David told the Belfast Telegraph: "It was a very emotional occasion. Edie just couldn't believe it. I sang for about an hour, It was a lovely, lovely occasion - even the bistro owners were emotional!"

Singer David is also planning a special cross community St Patrick's Day concert for elderly residents of three day centres in Belfast.

"I've created a choir from three different day centres. The concert will bring together people, from north south east and west Belfast to sing - share the joy that music can bring."

The Kennedy Centre concert takes place on 16 March.

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