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Legion's war tribute arrives at City Hall

By Staff Reporter

The Royal British Legion has launched a movement to say thank you to all who served, sacrificed and changed the world during the First World War - with a 8ft-high 3D art installation in Belfast.

The installation was unveiled on London's South Bank by the Tate Modern on August 3, exactly 100 days from 11 November, before embarking on a UK-wide tour.

It arrived in Belfast yesterday and was placed outside City Hall.

The letters showcase a unique design by acclaimed artist, Sarah Arnett, which brings the war's legacies to life.

From Munitionettes to Sikh infantrymen, schoolgirls working the fields and renowned war artist Paul Nash, a collage of images honours the diverse contribution of the First World War generation.

The Legion is now calling on mass involvement from the public to thank those who played their part. The 'Thank You' movement will honour not only the 1.2m British and Commonwealth Armed Forces who lost their lives, but also those who had a role on the home front, and those who returned to build a better life for the benefit of generations to come.

Royal British Legion area manager in Ireland Brian Maguire said: "We all have a connection to the First World War and we all have a reason to say 'Thank You' to this special generation. Whether your personal Thank You is an event dedicated to those who made a difference in your community, a visit to a place of significance, or a simple tweet, there's no limit to the ways people can take part.

"We are making a plea to every single person across the UK to get involved and take a moment in this very significant year to say 'Thank You'."

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