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Lemonade being used to flush toilets in Northern Ireland

Some residents in Northern Ireland have been resorting to cheap lemonade to keep their toilets flushed during the water crisis.

With supermarket shelves stripped of bottled water almost as soon as it arrives, some householders in east Belfast were turning to the next best thing to fill their toilet cisterns — lemonade from their local supermarket’s value range.

At 18p for two litres, Tesco’s Value lemonade proved almost as cheap as buying its Value bottled water at 17p for two litres — and much easier to get hold of.

Yesterday taxi driver Jim Stewart described collecting a man from Mersey Street who had travelled to the Connswater branch of Tesco to pick up bottled water, only to switch to the fizzy alternative when none was available.

“When he went in, there were others all buying the basic lemonade because there was no bottled water left.

“They were all using the lemonade to fill their toilet cistern,” he said.

A Tesco spokesman last night said the supermarket chain has good supplies of bottled water and is keeping it replenished.

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