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Lennox case a stressful experience for all those involved

By Ronnie Milsop

We are not in favour of specific breeds being banned. Unfortunately, in this situation, the owner has lost the appeal.

A big concern is about how long the dog stays in kennels while waiting for court cases to be heard, as it can be very stressful for dogs.

What I got from the hearing was that Belfast City Council looked after the dog well and there seemed to be a good relationship with Lennox.

Unfortunately, he had to go on anti-depressants, which again indicates some dogs do not do well in kennels. In future cases of friendly pit bull-types, the experience must be examined. Belfast City Council will be in touch with its veterinary team and Lennox will receive a lethal injection and be humanely put to sleep. I think the owners should have the option to say farewell to the dog — a last visit may give them closure.

My heart goes out to them. Clearly, they put up a good fight to save their dog.

Ronnie Milsop is campaign manager for Dogs Trust Ballymena

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