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Letters threat to Lennox dog warden duo

By Anne Madden

Threatening letters, one of which was drenched in petrol, have been sent to the homes of two Belfast City Council dog wardens ahead of legal proceedings to decide the fate of a pet dog suspected to be a dangerous breed.

The sinister letters were delivered through the letterbox of two female wardens early on Saturday, the latest in a series of threats in connection with the case.

Lennox was seized by dog wardens in May from her owner Caroline Barnes, from Disraeli Close in north Belfast. The former veterinary nurse (34) denies her pet is a banned breed, insisting it is a cross between an American bulldog and a Labrador crossed with a Staffordshire bull terrier.

Ms Barnes criticised those behind the intimidation campaign.

“The letters haven’t come from ourselves — that is not the sort of support we want,” she said. “I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer distress while doing their job, even though I don’t agree with how the dog wardens are pursuing this.”

Belfast City Council is set to present its case today at Belfast Magistrates Court, with expert advice that the dog is of pit bull terrier-type and is dangerous.


Dog owner Caroline Barnes has been fighting to save her family pet Lennox since it was seized by Belfast City Council under the Dangerous Dogs (NI) Order last May.

Ms Barnes is the registered owner but the dog belongs to her disabled daughter Brook (12).

The family have not been allowed to see Lennox since May.

Lennox is neutered, micro-chipped, insured and DNA-registered.

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