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Liam Neeson removed from Queen's University prospectus after racism scandal



Northern Ireland actor Liam Neeson

Northern Ireland actor Liam Neeson

Northern Ireland actor Liam Neeson

The actor Liam Neeson has been removed from a Queen's University Belfast prospectus that he featured in last year.

BBC Radio Ulster's Nolan Show has reported that it received "inside information" from a source that Mr Neeson was scheduled to be in this year's prospectus for new students, but "an instruction was given for him to be removed".

Liam Neeson featured in the university's 2018 and 2019 prospectus in the 'heritage and heroes' section, but will not feature in the 2020 prospectus. He also featured in other parts of the prospectus.

The actor revealed in an interview earlier this year that he had sought to kill a black person with a cosh following the rape of a close friend.

During the interview Neeson said he was deeply ashamed of his thoughts and actions, which he said had consumed him for a week.

He made the comments while promoting his film, 'Cold Pursuit' which features revenge as a major plot point.

Neeson denied being racist after a public outcry followed his comments.

Queen's University has been approached for comment.


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