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Libya campaigners take fight to London

By Adrian Rutherford

A victims' delegation is heading to London to step up calls for an investigation into links between the IRA and Colonel Gaddafi's Libya.

The group is due to meet the head of anti-terrorism at New Scotland Yard tomorrow.

It is the latest step in a long-running campaign to seek compensation for Libyan-sponsored IRA terrorism.

Gaddafi armed the IRA from the mid-1980s, supplying Semtex plastic explosive used in a series of atrocities.

Attacks carried out with Libyan Semtex include the Enniskillen bomb in 1987 which killed 11 and the Ballygawley bus bombing in 1988, which killed eight soldiers.

It was also used in a mortar attack at Downing Street in 1991 when the IRA tried to wipe out John Major's Cabinet, and about 250 other booby-trap bombings.

Victims' campaigner Willie Frazer is leading the delegation heading to London.

He is also considering travelling to Libya to progress the fight.

"We have been advised that the Libyan Embassy are prepared to issue visas allowing us to travel to Libya," he said.

"We are liaising with the UK Foreign Office and understand the current security implications of travelling to Libya.

"However, we feel there is an urgent and pressing need to progress this case."

Mr Frazer said new evidence has come to light, adding impetus to a campaign which has been going since 2002.

"The fight for justice continues. Tomorrow's meeting is one of many avenues we intend to pursue," he added.

"We are committed to ensuring that those who supported, financed, trained and equipped terrorism in Northern Ireland are held responsible."

The group will include victims and survivors of the Docklands and Harrods bombings.

They will ask for an official investigation to be opened into Libyan IRA cooperation.

Mr Frazer continued: "Libya was a key IRA ally - it helped finance, train and equip the Provisional movement.

"The IRA and Libya are directly responsible for the deaths of almost 2,000 UK citizens, along with thousands more who were seriously injured or maimed. Without Libyan involvement, the IRA's terrorist campaign wouldn't have been as effective.

"Libya and the republican leadership must be held accountable.

"We have identified Libyans who were key players in the Gaddafi regime who are prepared to co-operate with any New Scotland Yard investigation which is established.

"These key players will identify republican deal-makers who travelled to Libya."

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