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Lidl extends wage hike offer to Northern Ireland staff

Lidl has agreed to extend its wage hikes to staff in Northern Ireland after widespread criticism.

The discount supermarket chain announced four weeks ago that it would pay workers in England, Scotland and Wales at least £8.20 an hour, with the 9,000 affected workers getting an average pay rise of £1,200 a year.

This is well above the National Living Wage of £7.20 set by the Government, which comes into effect next year.

However, Lidl said staff at its 38 stores in Northern Ireland were excluded from the offer due to the way its business was organised.

The Unite union criticised the decision, claiming it was unfair that some workers would be paid less for doing the same work.

Shoppers in Northern Ireland threatened to boycott the store over the decision.

Lidl responded by extending its wage hike offer to staff in Northern Ireland, adding that a similar pay offer would made to Republic of Ireland employees.

The discounter has said in the past that wage hikes would not result in price rises at the tills.


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