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Lidl recalls food products over safety fears

By Staff Reporter

Supermarket chain Lidl has issued a product recall for a range of grocery products.

Products affected include two varieties of Favorina Dip Eggs, being recalled because they contain milk and may contain other allergens, which are not written in English in the contents. Flavours affected are Cocoa Creme and Milk Creme Dip Eggs.

These products should not be eaten, but instead customers should return them to the Lidl store from which they were bought for a full refund.

Also on recall is Golden Sun Organic Grains (Amaranth).

This product is being recalled because salmonella has been found.

The third Lidl recall is of Aunt Bessie's Croquettes which are being recalled because the packs may also include potato balls that contain egg, which is not mentioned on the label.

This product could contain egg, making it a possible health risk for people allergic to eggs.

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