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Life has frozen in time, his death will always be with me

Victim impact statement from sister Carrai Doran

My brother Junior was a drinker - that's no secret.

When he went on the drink he went away to his own flat and didn't annoy anyone.

Junior always came home when he had had enough. Junior had many friends who were always there to look after him. Junior was in his own flat when this happened, not out looking a fight or annoying anyone. Every time I close my eyes I can see Junior lying on his floor and that's something that will always be with me.

Brothers and sisters are meant to grow old together, to help look after their parents, to watch their children grow up together.

My life feels as if it has frozen in time and that I had lost nearly two years of my life and my children's lives thinking about this and the court case. I know people say it gets easier with time but it really doesn't.

I feel as if Mark Ward has changed my life forever and there's nothing that I can do about it. Junior's daughters will never have their dad there to enjoy all their milestones - such as marrying and children. My life will never be the same.

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