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Lifeboat rescues ill trawlerman off Portavogie coast

DONAGHADEE lifeboat crew had to rush to the aid of a trawlerman who fell seriously ill at sea.

The rescue operation was launched in the early hours of yesterday morning when the fisherman fell ill on a trawler about 14 miles southwest of Portavogie.

The ill skipper was unable to get the New Dawn trawler in to port.

A call was made to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary where a doctor diagnosed suspected kidney stones and recommended the casualty be evacuated from the vessel and transferred to hospital as soon as possible. Belfast Coastguard requested Donaghadee lifeboat to launch at 2.29am.

The lifeboat reached New Dawn at 3.10am and its crew transferred the skipper safely on to the lifeboat.

He was taken into Portavogie to a waiting ambulance for transfer to hospital.

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