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Light thrown on mystery of the missing Derry lampposts

By Donna Deeney

The mystery of missing lampposts in Londonderry — which had been blamed on opportunistic metal thieves — has been solved.

Councillors in the Cornshell Fields area had blamed criminals for sawing down the seven street lights after other metal thefts — including railway track, telephone lines and manhole covers — had hit the headlines.

The rising scrap value of certain metals has proved attractive to thieves around Northern Ireland during the current recession.

Last weekend two councillors received reports the posts had been sawn down and taken away, leaving residents without any street lighting.

The PSNI said it was in the dark about the whole thing and had no reports of the missing lampposts being stolen.

However, the Roads Service was able to throw some light on the mystery, revealing that the lampposts had not in fact been stolen, but had been removed by its engineers. “Damaged lighting columns were recovered by Roads Service contractors and are due for replacement in the coming weeks,” said a spokesperson.

Councillor Tony Hassan condemned the vandalism that led to the lampposts needing to be replaced.

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