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Lighting welcomed

Newtownabbey Borough Council has vowed to improve lighting in Glengormley Park to help tackle anti-social behaviour in the area.

Alderman Nigel Hamilton welcomed the move saying it will make the facility less desirable for the young trouble makers.

“I was looking for improvements that would bring some reassurance to residents who have been very concerned at the unacceptable regularity of damage and noise from young people gathering in this part of the park near the Carnmoney Road,” he said.

“More than £2,000 worth of damage has been caused over the last six months along with an increasing nightly problem of noise and abuse of the park facilities by youths.

“They have no respect for those who live in the surrounding area or play facilities which have been out of use on a number of occasions as a result of their anti social behaviour and resulting damage.

He added: “Some of the lights which lighten up the pathway from Ballyclare Road to Carnmoney Road are damaged on a regular basis — council officers reported some five lights were not working on the last count.

“The decision to use alternative vandal resistant bulbs into the five existing lighting columns with these being used as replacement in future, backed up by the relocating of two columns to the play area and fitted with vandal resistant replacement bulbs makes the park a safer and more user friendly place for the public at night.”

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