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Like an evil witch, she cackled at the humiliation of her victim

By Deborah McAleese

They were two heinous crimes of violence and one young woman was the link.

Looking at this physically slight 22-year-old, it is difficult to believe her involvement in the scalping of a young woman and an attack on a man whose beaten and naked body was found dumped in a taped-up wheelie bin.

Ballymena woman Paula Wilson has shown no remorse for the trauma inflicted on her two victims - one who fled the town too terrified to report her attack, while the other, Adam Robinson, has been psychologically traumatised.

Wilson, who was jailed yesterday for her part in the horror wheelie-bin attack, was earlier in the year sentenced for her part in another attack every bit as savage.

During what a judge described as "one of the most horrific cases" he had heard, Wilson stood laughing as a vulnerable young woman had her head shaved by a gang.

The unfortunate victim was attacked at a flat in Ballymena in May 2013 as she lay on the ground, partially-clothed and helpless.

Her suffering was only discovered by police after Wilson's mobile phone was seized by detectives investigating the attack on Adam.

In footage found on the phone Wilson can be heard laughing as three men dry-shaved the woman's "dark, long hair" with razors and slapped her across the head. The woman was unconscious throughout the attack, only to awaken partially clothed, with her hair almost all removed and her faced scrawled over with ink. Four months later, during a drink and drug-fuelled party in Dunclug Park in Ballymena, Wilson was once again involved in an horrific crime that has left a young man still suffering from nightmares.

She helped her then boyfriend and another man imprison 21-year-old Adam, who was badly beaten before his naked body was dumped in a wheelie-bin. Adam was only found by chance, when a dog sniffed out the bin, sealed with parcel tape, in dense undergrowth.

The pet's barking alerted the owner who then rang the emergency services.

According to police, Adam looked like he had been tortured, having suffered lacerations to his back, torso and limbs.

After her part in the incident became known, Wilson was forced to move from her home in Ballymena following threats from loyalist paramilitaries.

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