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Limavady mayor calls TUV councillor a 'bigot' in bust-up over parlour

The mayor of Limavady has branded a fellow councillor a “bigot” and a “pathetic little man” during heated exchanges over a re-vamping of the mayor’s parlour.

The row centred on a decision by Sinn Féin’s Sean McGlinchey to rebrand the parlour as a “community room” and to relocate portraits of previous mayors to another part of the council building.

TUV councillor Boyd Douglas questioned the council’s chief executive Liam Flanigan on why he had allowed this “vandalism of the mayor’s parlour” to take place.

Mr Flanigan explained that the decision had been taken by Mr McGlinchey to redecorate the room and that changes such as the removal of previous portraits could be easily reversed once the current mayor’s term had ended.

In a heated exchange, Mr McGlinchey said: “There are no tricolours in there, no Union Jacks.” Speaking to Douglas he said: “You are a bigot. You are a pathetic little man.”

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