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Limping orphan Purdy finds home with a Ms Purdy

By Cate McCurry

Purdy the Jack Russell, who continuously faced rejection because of her wonky walk, has finally found a forever home with a new owner - who is also called Purdy!

The adorable terrier was overlooked by potential adopters at a Co Antrim animal shelter for more than six months because she walks with a non-painful limp.

But after Lou Purdy read about the little dog's plight and her name in the Belfast Telegraph last month, she knew she had to adopt her.

Seven-year-old Purdy had been a resident at Dogs Trust Ballymena, where she arrived in August last year pregnant with two puppies, which have since been rehomed.

But staff became concerned that this special little canine would never find an owner because of her deformed leg.

However, they are now delighted that mischievous Purdy has at long last got somewhere to call home.

These photographs of the Jack Russell at her new owner's place show Purdy is really enjoying the unfamiliar surroundings, snuggling up in blankets in her comfy bed and enjoying a root around outside.

Lou said Purdy had settled in perfectly and she now couldn't envisage being without her. "I had only just decided that the time was right to get a dog when I spotted Purdy in the paper," she explained.

"I always knew that I wanted to rescue a dog and when I saw Purdy, the little dog with the same name, I just knew I had to adopt her.

"Purdy has settled in perfectly. Her wonky walk definitely doesn't slow her down, it just adds to her character.

"It's not just our names that we have in common, we also have similar personalities - we are both mischievous. Purdy just loves to be loved and showered with affection, so she fits right in with me.

"She's perfect, and I now can't imagine life without her."

The staff at Dogs Trust Ballymena are over the Moon that little Purdy has finally found a caring new owner.

Dogs Trust Ballymena assistant manager Sarah Park said: "All of us at the rehoming centre adore Purdy.

"As she was with us for over six months, we were starting to become concerned that she was being overlooked due to her non-painful limp, but when Lou Purdy came along we just knew it was meant to be. What a perfect pairing."

There are still 52 dogs waiting for that special someone at Dogs Trust Ballymena, including Vinnie, Northern Ireland's loneliest dog, who is still waiting to be rehomed.

For more information about Vinnie and all the other dogs at Dogs Trust Ballymena visit or pop into the rehoming centre at Dogs Trust Ballymena.

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