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Linfield fan brings cutout of DUP's Ruth Patterson to County Antrim Shield final

The DUP's Ruth Patterson made an appearance during Tuesday's County Antrim Shield final in the form of a Linfield fan's cut out of the Belfast councillor.

The cardboard councillor - complete with football scarf - was snapped On Tuesday night shortly before Linfield took the title on penalties.

It comes after meeting of Belfast City Council descended into farce when the DUP councillor put on a Linfield football club scarf.

Ruth Patterson donned her supporter's scarf as she proposed an event at City Hall to recognise the achievements of Linfield manager David Jeffrey as he prepared to step down.

That antagonised the Sinn Fein group leader on the council, Jim McVeigh – and the level of debate swiftly deteriorated into scenes reminiscent of the bad old days in the chamber.

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