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Linfield fans may snub food kiosks in row over Irish Cup final ticket prices

By Jill Goligher

Football fans have cried foul at a 33% hike in ticket prices for next month's Irish Cup final.

Coleraine will face Linfield in the Windsor Park showpiece on May 6. But supporters have hit out after it was revealed that tickets will cost £20 - an increase of £5 on last year. Concession tickets are priced at £10.

A family attending the match could end up forking out well over £100, once food and drinks are factored in.

Drew McCoubrey from the Linfield Supporters' Club said: "The news hit us like a bombshell this morning, we are very, very angry.

"We had heard rumours as such, but we were told that the IFA was under internal review about the matter and that they were sorting it out."

Drew said one option was for fans to snub refreshment outlets in the stadium.

"There are intensive talks going on in Linfield Supporters' Club for Linfield fans to boycott the bar and drink kiosks at Windsor Park - taking into account it is our home ground and our money. The supporters don't really count," he said.

On Twitter, Ross Morrison said: "How the IFA justify the ticket prices for Irish cup final is beyond me."

But others argued, compared to the cost of attending games in England, it was "fantastic value".

"If they don't agree with it then don't go, it's once a season for the biggest game," said Mark Doak.

Ricky Farlow added: "What's £20 to go an see the Irish cup final? You would pay a lot, lot more to go to a English league match at any time."

The IFA said: "The ticket prices for the Tennent's Irish Cup Final are set by the Challenge Cup Committee of the Irish FA, which is made up of representatives of clubs. After running costs, 80% of the gate receipts will be split evenly between the two competing finalists."

Tennent's, IFA's title sponsor, said it was not involved in setting ticket prices for the cup final.

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