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Lion's mane jellyfish alert on Ulster beach


A lion’s mane jellyfish that washed up in Downings

A lion’s mane jellyfish that washed up in Downings

A lion’s mane jellyfish that washed up in Downings

Northern Ireland holidaymakers have been warned to stay away from a dangerous jellyfish that washed up at a popular beach in Donegal.

A giant lion's mane jellyfish was discovered at Downings on Sunday evening and was reported to Mulroy Coast Guard by a member of the public before being removed. The beach is located near the village of Downings on the Rosguill Peninsula and is particularly popular with families from over the border.

Michelle Hay of Mulroy Coast Guard said one sting from this particular type of jellyfish can cause potentially deadly anaphylactic shock.

"There has just been one report so far on Downings Beach but there has been lots of reports along the coast of Donegal," she said. "This type of jellyfish is very large and has long tentacles, and its stings can be extremely painful. Its stings can also cause anaphylactic shock. We are just warning families that they are there, as this beach is very busy and is very popular with families with young children."

Ms Hay said the lion's mane - which gets its name from its long tentacles and their orange-brown colour - is the largest jellyfish to be found in Irish waters.

She added: "People that live along the coast are used to seeing these types of jellyfish but maybe people coming on day trips from Northern Ireland are not so used to it. The advice is to stay away from them and report any sightings to the Coast Guard."

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