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Lipstick and luxury... it's a great day for beauty fans

By Frances Burscough

As a self-confessed cosmetics junkie I'm so excited that Kiko Milano has finally arrived in Belfast.

Their products have a luxurious quality that you just don't get from many of the usual high street brands and they are also way ahead of the game in terms of make-up trends.

Just like the womenswear fashions of Milan, the Kiko collections are worthy of - and designed for - the high-fashion catwalk.

Not only that, but their pricing is reasonable and affordable, yet in no way cheap in terms of packaging or presentation.

The queues that appeared in front of the first Kiko store was not just testament to their fashion kudos, but also a triumph of their very clever marketing campaign in which lots of ordinary girls from all over the world sample their ranges in quick, snappy video blogs that get shared far and wide across the internet.

So, for example, if you buy one of their eyeliners, but don't know exactly how to apply it, simply go online and type in its name and - hey presto - there you have a two-minute tutorial by a Kiko fan showing you how to make the most of your new item.

My favourites from a very extensive range this season include the luxuriously seductive Neo Muse Eyeshadow palette for that smokey-eyed evening look, the Graphic Gaze double-eye marker - which is like a fine felt pen for creating intricate patterns and mock tattoo details around the eyes; and the Chrome Intense Nail Lacquer, which contains a high concentration of light-reflecting pearls giving an extraordinary high sheen.

I also love the Eyebrow Filler pencil because it includes a perfect blonde shade that very few manufacturers include.

The Nude Blur lip base pencil is a great primer applied before lipstick to hold it in place without feathering. And also recommended is the Kiko collection of make-up brushes in all shapes and sizes for every trick in the book, as well as the fabulous Leather Brush Holder belt so you can act and feel like a proper MUA and keep your brushes safe.

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