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Lisburn bomb aimed at an individual not location, police say

A bomb which closed a busy shopping area in Northern Ireland was targeting a person, police said.

Detectives are investigating if the device found in Lisburn on July 30 had fallen from a vehicle.

Reports have suggested it may have been aimed at a member of the security forces.

PSNI detective chief inspector Alison Rowland said: "Extensive enquiries are ongoing and as yet we have been unable to identify how this device was in Market Place but we believe the target was an individual rather than a location."

A controlled explosion was carried out on the object and it was removed for examination during a security alert which lasted several hours and forced the evacuation of businesses.

A vehicle was later seized in the Lagmore area of west Belfast.

Police appealed for the drivers of four cars in the area, a grey BMW X3 or X5, b lue Ford Focus, g rey Vauxhall Astra or s ilver Suzuki jeep, to contact them.


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