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Lisburn mum explains her hilarious tearful reaction to Steven Gerrard leaving Liverpool

Northern Irish mum Hayley Masterson says she's still gutted at Steven Gerrard leaving Liverpool – after a video of her weeping went viral on the internet.

Having a good laugh after video of her tears was viewed over 200,000 times, Hayley says she can't believe the online reaction.

Lisburn mum of four Hayley was distraught to discover her idol had announced his imminent departure in May this year and broke down in tears in front of family and friends.

Hayley’s daughter Lauren found her mum’s reaction so surprising she quickly grabbed her phone and began filming the unfolding drama, capturing Hayley’s head falling into her arms in despair. 

Knowing what she witnessed was something special, Lauren’s sister Kerri uploaded the video to Facebook, with a post saying ‘I'm sorry mum, but this needs to go viral’.

It did indeed go viral, racking up an astonishing 200,000 views in less than 24 hours and was seen as far afield as Turkey.

Hayley said her daughters were in ‘hysterics’ watching their mum’s emotions spill over in an episode which lasted up to 40 minutes. 

“I've been a Liverpool fan all my life”, she said.

“When I heard last night (that he was leaving) it was devastating. I couldn't believe my reaction after it but I just couldn't believe that he was leaving.”

“I've had people that I don’t even know add me on Facebook and my daughter has had something like 100 friend requests. This is all just completely hilarious. As long as Stevie G sees it I’ll be happy.”

Hayley came tantalisingly close to meeting her Liverpudlian hero several years ago, after a shock diagnoses of cancer left her fighting for her life.

When the brave 44-year-old hit her darkest days, her final wish was to meet Gerrard.

Hayley was contacted by The Willow Foundation, a charity dedicated to providing seriously ill people with ‘special days’ and had planned a trip to England to fulfil her dream. But, thankfully, she eventually won her battle with cancer and is now in good spirits.

However, when asked how she would react to meeting Gerrard now or seeing him make his own video just for her, Hayley said: “I would pass out. I couldn't handle it.”

Hayley said she hasn't been able to think since hearing he’s leaving and hasn't even contemplated the attention the video generated online.

All she’s thought about is Gerrard leaving the team but she’ll always be a huge Liverpool fan.

“I’ll still watch the matches – it’s going to be emotional on May 24, the last day of the season – we’re going to have a sequel.”

* Video clips courtesy of Lauren Masterson. Full video at http://youtu.be/UO_a3SA_70c

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