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Lisburn toddler in critical condition after having seizure during family holiday

Jaiden Potter, 2, remains unconscious in hospital.
Jaiden Potter, 2, remains unconscious in hospital.
Mark Edwards

By Mark Edwards

A two-year-old boy from Lisburn is in a critical condition after suffering a seizure while on holiday with his family in the Canary Islands.

Jaiden Potter became ill in his family's hotel room on Thursday afternoon after taking a temperature.

His father Derek had to perform CPR on the little boy after he dropped to the ground.

The toddler then had to be airlifted to hospital where he remains unconscious.

Michael Potter, Jaiden's uncle, has set up a fundraising page to help his brother with the additional costs. So far nearly £1,500 has been raised.

"The update is that Jaiden has been taken out of the Intensive Care Unit today. After 48 hours they are going to do brain scans on him as they are unsure on what his mental state will be."

Mr Potter, who is a taxi driver in Belfast, said that his brother Derek and his wife Courtney had been trying to get Jaiden to a private doctor after he took a temperature on Thursday but had not managed to find one.

"They went back to the hotel room and Jaiden just started fitting and taking a seizure because his temperature was so high," Mr Potter said. 

"That is when they started performing CPR and the ambulance was phoned."

Jaiden was taken down to the holiday resort reception where an ambulance was waiting for him.

Mr Potter said: "They [paramedics] performed further CPR on him three times in the back of the ambulance. They said he practically died three times in the back of the ambulance.

"The ambulance said they couldn't move because they can't drive unless he is stable. They then phoned the air ambulance and the beach had to be cleared of hundreds of people so the air ambulance could land."

Paramedics had to perform CPR for a fourth time on Jaiden in the air ambulance for around 40 minutes before they were able to take off.

Jaiden Potter.

He was then airlifted to hospital after he was stabilised.

"It has been crazy. An absolute nightmare," Mr Potter said.

"I set up the Go Fund Me page for travel costs, but now they have been informed that the helicopter might not be covered by their travel insurance. We can only imagine what that might cost."

The parents have also been told by medics that they may have to have an extended stay in the Canary Islands while Jaiden recovers in hospital, adding to the expense of the trip.

"Their heads are all over the place and they have had not a wink of sleep," Mr Potter said.

"My mum is on holiday with them, she has been going back and forth from the resort, getting them what they need.

"It is just a terrible ordeal for them to go through. I feel helpless over here, so that is why I set up the fundraising page and I am trying to reach out to people to help them as best I can."

Little Jaiden had previously suffered one seizure while the family were living in England, but he has not been diagnosed with any condition.

"He had been enjoying his first family holiday. I had been receiving lots of pictures and videos of him having a great time, and then this comes out of nowhere," Mr Potter added.

Click here to donate to the Go Fund Me page.

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