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Lisburn woman's tribute to great great grandmother

Grainne Phillips of The Little Green Allotments is inviting members of the public to visit a new woodland area in Whitemountain Road outside Lisburn tomorrow.

Named Elizabeth Jane’s Woodland and Foraging, the commemorative piece of land in memory of her great great grandmother will open to allow people to escape the stresses of city life, Grianne told the Ulster Star.

The land has also benefitted from over 1,000 new trees which were planted recently.

Speaking to the Ulster Star, Grainne said: “Local people don’t realise the Whitemountain is just on their doorstep, rich in abundant flora and fauna and steeped in history.

“I was delighted to be able to provide a new green space, somewhere to get away from the daily grind, especially to enrich the lives of the younger generations.

"Tomorrow the space will open with entertainment and a food and craft fair.

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