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Listen: BBC Nolan show imagines the House of Commons as Jurassic Park after DUP anger at 'dinosaurs' remark

By Claire Williamson

Just one day after the Speaker of the House of Commons gave the green light for the DUP to be called "dinosaurs" - the BBC Nolan show has imagined what it would be like if David Attenborough was narrating the recent political developments.

Speaker John Bercow ruled on Wednesday that calling the DUP "dinosaurs" was not "unparliamentary language" but rather a "matter of taste".

It happened during the Queen's Speech debate. Green MP Caroline Lucas questioned Prime Minister Theresa May on the absence of environmental policies and asked if she had been influenced by the "DUP dinosaurs". DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson raised an immediate point order to the objection of the use of language.

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This caused the BBC Radio Ulster programme to re-imagine the House of Commons as Jurassic Park on Thursday morning.

Their sequence began with the iconic theme tune before the narration began: "Here we are in the wild of the House of Commons and for some politicians, it's a jungle out there.

"For others it's less like St James Park and more like Jurassic Park as the big beasts of the DUP emerge from their slumber. For some of the species it's a familiar stomping ground, but they are growing in number and it's worried some of the natives."

It then imagines a few of the DUP's MPs in dinosaur form and states that their presence has "struck fear into the hearts of other inhabitants in the Commons".

It adds that they are used to taking on "crocodiles" in their native territory. A reference to when Arlene Foster infamously said "If you feed a crocodile it will keep coming back and looking for more".

She made the remark during the Assembly Election campaign when addressing Sinn Fein's wish to have an Irish Language Act.

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Speaking after the broadcast former DUP MLA Nelson McCausland said it was a "pretty standard BBC attempt at humour".

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