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Listen: I'm not going to be arrested - Sinn Fein MLA told to 'move on' by police during radio interview

Linda Dillon
Linda Dillon

A Sinn Fein MLA was interrupted during a live radio interview by the police telling her to "move on".

Sinn Fein victims and legacy spokeswoman and Policing Board member Linda Dillon was on Thursday morning's Frank Mitchell Phone-in on U105. She was discussing the issue of soldiers being given extra legal protections from potential prosecutions.

However, the protections will exclude Northern Ireland Troubles investigations, something Defence secretary Penny Mordaunt has faced pressure to change.

During the exchange with Frank Mitchell Ms Dillon was forced to abruptly interrupt the broadcaster.

In the background she can be heard explaining she was on the radio.

"Don't be doing radio interviews here. So move on," a police officer could be heard telling the MLA.

Ms Dillon apologised saying that while she was parked up somewhere appropriate she had to move on but could answer one more question.

"I'm not going to be arrested," she added.

Back in January another caller was forced to abruptly end his call with Mr Mitchell after being pulled over by police.

The caller was discussing childcare with the popular radio host when the broadcast was interrupted by the sound of police sirens.

He later called back to explain how he had been trying to get his phone on speaker mode when a patrol vehicle appeared in his rear view mirror.

Mr Mitchell said the incident was a reminder to "never, ever" take part in the programme unless the phone was properly in the hands free holder or the caller was parked up.

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