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Listen: Nora Quoirin mum Meabh's voice calls out in Malaysian jungle as search for missing teen continues

The 15-year-old, who has special needs, has not been seen since Sunday

The voice of the Belfast mother of Nora Quoirin is being used by search teams as they probe further into the Malaysian jungle around the holiday resort the 15-year-old went missing from on Sunday.

A search team of 200 rescuers is scouring the dense landscape around the Dusun forest eco-resort in southern Negeri Sembilan state, where Nora was last seen.

So far attempts to trace the teenager have proved unsuccessful, with police looking into footprints discovered nearby which may suggest Nora is alone.

The search focus is on the jungle’s hilly areas amid a theory Nora could be hiding behind trees or rocks.

However, her family stressed she would never go off on her own.

They said she “struggles with coordination” and has “never wandered off or got lost” during previous family holidays.

Police chief Datuk Mohamad Mat Yusop told Malaysian publication The Star that Ms Quoirin’s voice was used first as she is closest to Nora.

He also said the missing girl's family members are not part of the search operations for security reasons.

Mr Mohamad said Nora was believed to have climbed out of her resort room window.

Nora, who has learning difficulties has been described as "very vulnerable".

Nora Quoirin. Pic: Family Handout/Lucie Blackman Trust/PA Wire
Nora Quoirin. Pic: Family Handout/Lucie Blackman Trust/PA Wire

“An able-bodied or normal person would be weak by the fifth day, and that is why we need to find the victim as soon as possible,” he said.

Nora’s photograph is being handed out at roadblocks in the area.

Her family has said they remain hopeful after police leading the investigation refused to rule out a “criminal element”.

They made a fresh appeal on Friday, saying: “She is not like other teenagers, she does not go anywhere alone.”

The teenager, who was born with the brain defect holoprosencephaly, needs help with many aspects of everyday life, prompting family fears she may have been abducted from the resort during the night.

Her mother is from Belfast and her father French.

The family, who have lived in London for 20 years, said: “Nora is a very special person. She is fun, funny, and extremely loving. With her family, she is very affectionate – family is her whole world.

“She is not like other teenagers. She is not independent and does not go anywhere alone.

Handout photo supplied by the Lucie Blackman Trust on behalf of the family of Nora Quoirin. Nora, 15, has gone missing while on a holiday with her family in Malaysia (PA / handout)

“Nora has always needed dedicated specialist educational provision, and now attends a school for children and young people with learning and communication difficulties.

“Nora and her family are bi-lingual and bi-cultural. Nora is very proud that she can speak French as well as English. But her verbal communication is limited.

Outside the family, Nora is very shy and can be quite anxious Family of missing Nora Quoirin

“Nora can read like a young child, but she cannot write more than a few words. She has a good memory but she cannot understand anything conceptual. She is unable to do maths and so things like money are impossible to manage.

“She cannot make or receive phone calls independently.”

The family added: “Nora is very sensitive. Outside the family, Nora is very shy and can be quite anxious.

“Every night, her special time is for cuddles and a night-time story with her Mum. And she was extremely excited about the family holiday in Malaysia.”

Earlier, State Fire and Rescue Department operation division assistant director Ahmad Mukhlis Mokhtar said they were investigating whether footprints spotted in the forest belonged to the missing teen.

He told local journalists: “Previously, our detective canines had spotted footprints, but when we conducted a search there, we couldn’t find her.”

Undated family handout photo of Meabh Quoirin with her daughter Nora Quoirin who has gone missing while on holiday in Malaysia (PA / handout)

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Lucie Blackman Trust intelligence on or +44 800 098 8485

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