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Little Lucius jumps to it for fundraiser after coming on leaps and bounds since his first steps


Little Lucius Corry

Little Lucius Corry

Little Lucius Corry

Little Lucius Corry

Little Lucius Corry with mum Joanne

Little Lucius Corry with mum Joanne

Little Lucius Corry

A brave little boy with Down's syndrome is taking on a fundraising challenge just six months after learning to walk.

Lucius Corry (3) from Belfast will complete a 50-jump challenge to raise money for learning disability charity Mencap.

At two years old Lucius began attending the Mencap Children's Centre in the city to help him take his first steps.

He was also born with a hearing impairment and the heart condition ventricular septal defect, which will require surgery at a later stage.

Proud mum Joanne Corry said the extra support has now helped her son to jump for joy.

"He learned to walk in December, which was a major achievement for him," she explained.

"He couldn't have done it without the support from Mencap.

"The staff at Mencap have been brilliant to us and are always there for support. We have got to meet so many other families who were in a similar situation and could relate to what we were going through, which really helped. The workshops and training courses were a great help to me and my family."

She said the latest milestone came after weeks of practice by her son.

"His feet never left the ground, but he was so determined to do it. Then suddenly his feet lifted, and he was so excited," she said.

"He loves jumping now. We decided we would like to help raise as much as we can for Mencap so they can go on supporting other families like ours, and to also say thank you to Mencap for everything that they have done for us so far."

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant the Children's Centre has had to pause face to face support for families and provide as many services as possible online.

Margaret Kelly, director of Mencap Northern Ireland, said: "I just want to say a huge thank you to Lucius and Joanne for fundraising for Mencap. It means so, so much to us that our families so value our services that they are willing to fundraise on top of everything else they do."

She added: "Our extraordinary teams are working extremely hard in challenging circumstances to help many children and adults with a learning disability and their families in need of support during this difficult time.

"Lucius's jumping is a very special 'Move it for Mencap' challenge. It is really wonderful that Lucius and Joanne are helping us to transform the lives of other children with a learning disability and their families to help them build independent and fulfilling lives."

Approximately 42,000 people in Northern Ireland have a learning disability, with Mencap also providing support to their families and carers with a helpline, online support services and lobbying.

For further information on how to donate or take part in the fundraising campaign, visit northernirelaned.mencap.org.uk

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