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Loca, the Belfast dog who can't run, becomes YouTube sensation

By Chris Kilpatrick

Meet Loca — Ulster’s dancing dog who is currently the most famous pet in the world.

The adorable pug from east Belfast is an internet sensation, with hilarious videos of her racking up four million hits.

Loca looks like any ordinary pug, until she tries to run. That’s because a harmless neurological condition she suffers from means that when she tries to run, she ends up dancing and skipping.

The videos are accompanied by quirky songs and lyrics and have gone viral on YouTube. The most popular clip — with 3.5 million views — is known as ‘the pug that could not run’.

It shows Loca, the Spanish word for ‘crazy’, dancing round in fields, skipping into mud puddles and leaping into the air.

A voiceover sings: “Well hello, my name is Loca and I’m a special pug. I live in Belfast, Ireland, and my favourite thing’s a hug.

“I love to eat roast chicken and my friends say I’m good fun, but one thing that I cannot do is, I can’t fe***n’ run.”

Three-year-old Loca’s condition is called ataxia and is not painful or life-threatening. Owner and father-of-four Mal Orr (55) said he was amazed by the response to the 10 videos, the first of which was posted online last May.

“We’ve had so many nice replies, so many people who were down in the dumps or disabled themselves who have said Loca made them realise life isn’t so bad,” he said. “I thought people would like them but to get so many hits, from America and places like Finland and Sweden, is amazing.”

Mal intends to make more videos featuring the star, which is due to feature on Channel 4 show Rude Tube.

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