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Locked-in survivor to nurse mum who helped her recovery

By Colin O'Carroll

A former police officer who suffered a major stroke resulting in locked-in syndrome is now repaying her mother for her care by nursing her after she fell and fractured her hip.

Clodagh Dunlop was just 35 when she had her life-changing brainstem stroke last year which left her paralysed and unable to speak.

She was determined to recover and started to fight back to health, cared for every day by her mum. Clodagh posted pictures of her with her mother in her hospital bed, and earlier pictures of her mum caring for her.

She wrote: "My mother fears technology, yet learnt how to use my eye gaze spell board so we could chat. When I had to learn to swallow again, she spoon-fed me yogurts. When my lifeless arms wouldn't work she brushed my hair, my teeth, washed my face and even turned the pages of my favourite magazine. When I first tried to talk, she always understood what I was trying to say when no one else could understand. She has been there to wipe away my tears, hug me and tell me it will all be OK - now I am telling her all will be OK."

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