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London terror: Business chief 'panicked'

By Rachel Martin

A Northern Ireland business leader has described the panic which unfolded in London yesterday.

Glyn Roberts from Retail NI was in Westminster meeting politicians at Portcullis house when the attacks happened.

Mr Roberts was briefing MPs on his lobby group's re-branding; it was formerly known as the Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association.

Mr Roberts spoke to the Belfast Telegraph as he sheltered inside Labour MP Debbie Abraham's offices. He had been inside the building for several hours at the time.

He said: "You never think you will be caught up in something like this. There must be thousands of people in the estate across all the different offices.

"I had just finished speaking with the Shadow Sectary of State when police came in and told us to go right to the back of the room.

"It was quite panicked at that point, no one knew what had happened."

At around 4pm, the group was evacuated to the Norman Shaw North building.

"We were told to stay inside and lock the door so we went into the corridor and were just sitting on the floor.

"Now we have moved to more comfortable surroundings in Debbie Abraham's offices. Her staff are being very helpful and have given us chairs and put the TV on so we can know what's going on.

"I've missed my flight home so I will have to stay in London another night, but in comparison to what has happened, when you hear that people have lost their lives and several more have been seriously injured, that pales into insignificance."

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